Designer Series


Motifs with individually designed color gradients and scenarios that
create appealing and dynamic lighting effects to ensure a bright and colorful atmosphere in any space.

Spiral Ornament - RKOHGA3D02

30" Spiral Ornament
Product #: RKOHGA3D02

4 Pendant Ornament - RKOH4-4

4' Pendant Ornament
Product #: RKOH4-4

Grace Ornament - RKOH6-2

Grace Ornament
Product #: RKOH6-2

3 Classic Sky Ornament - RKOH2-3

3' Classic Sky Ornament
Product #: RKOH2-3

Jazz Ornament - RKPM1-3

3' Jazz Ornament
Product #: RKPM1

2.5 3D Classic Ornament - RKOH1-3

2 1/2' 3D Classic Ornament
Product #: RKOH1-3

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