Bows, Ornamentation, & Garlands

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Bows, Ornamentations, & Garlands

Three Dimensional Structural Bows with 4 Loops

Perfect for a rich indoor look in outdoor decorations.

Red Velvet Bow

Red Velvet Bow

Velvet w/ Gold

Red Velvet with Gold Bow

Red Nylon Bow

Red Nylon Bow

Nylon w/ Gold

Red Nylon with Gold Bow

18" Red w/ Gold Trim, 24" Red w/ Gold Trim, 36" Red w/ Gold Trim
48" Red w/ Gold Trim or 60" Red w/ Gold Trim

Marine Acrylic

Red Marine Bow

18" Red
24" Red
36" Red

Outdoor Commercial Bows


Smooth Finish or Flocked
Sizes - 18" or 24" Wide

Marine Acrylic-w-Gold

Red Marine with Gold Bow

18" Red w/ Gold Trim
24" Red w/ Gold Trim
36" Red w/ Gold Trim

The OUTDOOR COMMERCIAL BOWS are made of durable, high quality polyethylene.
Bows available with a smooth finish for easy cleaning or flocked finish for a rich velvet look.
Add a mounting clip & band to attach to lampposts. Call for more info.


Shiny metallic ornaments. Plastic berry clusters - triple cluster red,
triple cluster red flocked, & pinecones.

Ornamental Spray - 31 ornaments in red, green & gold

Ornamental Spray

Red, green & gold ornamental sprays - 36"W-12"H - Ideal for wreaths & trees.
Additional charge to attach ornamentation to garlands & wreaths.

Red Berries
Flocked Red Berries

Red Flocked Berries

Shiny Metallic

Ornaments Shiny Metallic

70mm - 2 ¾”, 100mm - 4”
140mm - 5 ½”, 200mm - 8"


Ornaments Pinecones

Above ornamentation can be added to garland, wreaths & other decorations.
Call for more information.

Stacked Ornaments Mall Display

Stacked Ornaments Mall Decorations

Gold - Green - Red Ornaments

Gold Green Red Ornaments

Hanging Ornaments

Gold Bells

Gold Bell Ornaments

Pastel Ornaments

Ornaments Pastels

Stacked Ornaments


Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Garland decorations.
Realistic looking dark green branch garland & shatter proof ornament garland.

Hanging Garland

Green Hanging Garland

Ornaments, bells or other decorations can be added.

Combinations Available

Garland Combo

27 ornaments ranging in sizes
from 2 3/8" - 8" diameter.

Prestrung for easy handling.
Length 8 1/2'- Available in red or silver.

Hanging Decorated Garland

Double Green Hanging Garland with Bow

Sample of our decorated garland.

Hanging Green Garland

Garland Branches

Variety of choices available.

Hanging Christmas Garland

Green Garland with Gold Ornaments and Red Gold Bow

Decorated with gold ornaments & red velvet bows with gold trim.

Garland Choices

3 Garlands Combined

Fine cut, natural rope, & regular cut garland in a variety of colors.

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